Story #1

Fragrance is the strongest connection we have to memory; scents conjure images of the past while stimulating an emotional response we connect with the experience. These memories are comprised of limitless emotions and they are yours and they create your story.

 After years of designing tangible products such as jewelry and lifestyle products, I wanted to pursue my passion of fragrances. I knew I needed to start from a personal place, I began with a scent that always triggered memories of feeling safe, loved, with childlike curiosity. This smell from my childhood I associated with my mother, who always had mint gum in her purse, and that fragrance is Leather and Mint.

 As a child there was this joy when my mom would give me a piece of gum, it was either being received as a treat or because I was car sick and it would ease my nausea, either way the intent was always to make me feel better. That is my mom. On days that I would be waiting and bored, I would find great joy in rummaging through her bag, filled with curiosity and amazement of the contents. I felt like she was prepared for absolutely anything and that always made me feel safe.

This beautiful rich and pungent scent of leather, layered with cool notes of mint, is the best scent I could launch a collection with. The memory of the notes will always give me comfort, a feeling of safety, love and supporting my curiosity moving forward to the next inspiration for Collection 2.

Shelley Hilliard