A lot of companies and designers like to keep their raw material sources a secret. This has always confused me as a designer because the intention should be to design something new, different and better, therefore the product is not a copy and using the same resources shouldn’t matter. I also believe in supporting my fellow entrepreneurs, it is tough and scary taking the risk of starting your own company, I have done this twice now and the anxiety does not get any easier, but you learn, without it you wouldn’t feel alive. So, if I can help another entrepreneur by sharing my contacts and save them time and money in their search, well I just don’t hesitate!

On that note it is incredibly important for me to give a shout out to one of the biggest supporters I have had in creating AYHTE and that is SOZIO. Not only is their product and service impeccable, their team has gone above and beyond in supporting the ideas and design of AYHTE.

Thank you SOZIO for all your hard work and support in the creations of our fragrances. 

Shelley Hilliard

Founder of AYHTE