A collection of fragrances designed with the specific intention of complimenting the various elements of your personal and professional space with the unique ability of creating a new fragrance when layered in the air.


Historically we start our personal fragrance process every day with soap, shampoo, conditioner, as a ritual not considering that these usually have a perfume, though faint it lingers with us. Next we add more with body care from deodorant, skincare, aftershave, styling aids and finalize this with a cologne, body mist, or perfume. These products are purchased for their function, but the choice is sealed by scent and stimulation of your senses.

What is not often considered, is how each one of these products layered with the other will react. If not intentionally designed for layering, they won't always complement one another. This is also true for your living spaces with fragrance coming from linens, floral arrangements, food, cleaning products, even the people that are in your space.

There was a need for a fragrance line that had the ability to alter and accommodate changing environments, occasions, working for multiple rooms, all while connecting in common areas and designing a new fragrance as they layer. AYHTE is the only fragrance line that has considered these elements of a space and used this to develop their fragrance system.


Our collections consist of 5 fragrances with one main note being the connector. We build this note, by adding what are typically perceived feminine or masculine notes. The final fragrance becomes more androgynous, therefore compatible with a wider range of environments.

Every collection holds something to stimulate all senses. 

  • Earthy tones 
  • Sweet creamy notes  
  • Vibrant florals
  • Revitalizing citruses 
  • Refreshing green accords
  • And the unusual using herbs and spices. 

Select one or more fragrances from the collection to burn and as the scent rises in the air, it connects and layers creating a new fragrance of your own design. 

AYHTE celebrating uniqueness through fragrance.